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Privacy Policy

SVE Ltd understands the need to protect your privacy and is aware that personal information that you provide us is confidential. We acknowledge that it is imperative that we communicate to you how we use the information you provide us. We are aware of our obligations under the New Zealand Privacy Act 1993.

Our privacy policy is provided herein below. You agree to allow us to collect and make use of the personal information you have provided us and also be unconditionally bound by our privacy policy.

Nature of information collected:

  1. Personal details you have provided us at the time of registration with us including updating/modification of any of your contact details.
  2. Information collected by us when you access and utilize any of the services provided by us through this web site
  3. Contents of emails you send and feedback you give us
  4. Any information we collect though cookies and log files which include the URL you have used to connect to our site, the URL you next go to, IP address and the web browser you have used and some information from your computer.

How is the information used?

We and our agents/associates will use the information we collect from you to:

  1. To create an online account for you
  2. To process your registration application
  3. Process your transaction with us.
  4. Delivering your orders
  5. Improve functional capabilities of the site
  6. enhance the quality of service /products we provide you on our web site
  7. to adequately respond to any query/comments/suggestions you make
  8. to inform you of our bargains and hot deals
  9. to update you with our new products and services
  10. provide you a quality experience on our web site
  11. facilitate easier navigation of our web site personalize your experience and use of our products
  12. to fulfil promotional and marketing obligations and notify prize winners of our competitions
  13. in any other manner that you have consented to and for the purposes you have provided the information.

We may contact you by telephone/ email or txt messages or post or in any other manner you have consented to.

What happens if you do not provide information?

In the event you do not provide information as stated above or decide to disable cookies , we may not be able to provide you with a better service and experience as listed in the section “ how the information is used “. We may also refuse/be unable to transact with you in the absence of sufficient information.

Can I modify my personal details or opt out of receiving information?

Yes, at any time you decide not to receive any further information/contact/ mails from us you may write to us at customercare You may also amend/modify your personal details by using the links provided in the FAQ or MY ACCOUNT section in the site or contacting us on our toll free number or emailing us on customercare

How do we protect your information?

  1. We adhere to the requirements of the Privacy Act 1993.
  2. We do not part with your personal information for commercial purposes or otherwise except as required or authorized by law.
  3. We allow only persons authorised by us to access and use this information
  4. We may require you to provide identity proof before we comply with any request you have made.
  5. We will not retain your information for a period longer than you have consented to
  6. We urge you not to provide your log in information to any other person

You understand and agree that whilst we take reasonable precautions to keep your personal information secure, we shall not be liable responsible if our security is breached by any unauthorised third party. We also do not undertake that our website is completely protected at all times.

Why and to whom do we share/disclose information?

  1. When it is required by law
  2. When we need to protect our interests
  3. Our suppliers, associates, agents to enable them to provide products and services as regards our site including hosting and other support services.
  4. When you have consented to the information being disclosed to any third party

Third party links and advertising on our web site:

It is quite likely that our site will have advertising and links to our product suppliers and other associates who may employ varied methods to collect your personal information when you access our site. We state that these sites are controlled and managed by these entities on their own and are not within our control and would strongly recommend that you be conversant with their terms and conditions and privacy policy prior to using their web site and /or parting personal information. You understand and agree that we do not accept any responsibility and/or liability for any consequences that you may suffer as a result of using these sites.

Changes in privacy policy.

In the event we make any change to our privacy policy, we shall post the updated policy on this page. We recommend that you be conversant with our privacy policy at all times so that you are aware as to the manner in which we deal with information you provide to us.

Contact us:

You may contact us with any queries you may have on our privacy policy by emailing to us at

Change in controlling interests

In the event there is a change in controlling interest of our company by way of restructuring/merger/acquisition or otherwise, the incumbent management will have access to your personal information. This privacy policy shall prevail under these circumstances.